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Task 8: Software


Assembly time

30 minutes

Tools needed

  • external computer with a SD card slot
  • microSD-SD adapter
  • 4mm hex-head key
  • microSD card extraction tool (3D-printed, provided)

Step 1: Burning the software image


  • microSD card
  • microSD-SD card adapter
  • external computer with a SD card slot

Follow tutorial below to burn software image to the microSD card:

📄Software update
Detailed guide on updating the software of Leo Rover, covering steps to access the microSD card, download and flash the latest LeoOS image.

Step 2: Inserting the card


  • Task 7 assembly
  • microSD card extraction tool
  • Step 1 microSD card

Step 3: Turning the controller on


  • Step 2 assembly

Step 4: Assembling the MEB cover


  • Step 3 assembly
  • Task 6 MEB cover assembly with screws
  • 4mm hex-head key