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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to assemble the Rover?

It should take you about 8 hours.

Do I need to buy anything other than Dev Kit to build the Rover?

No, the Kit is designed to include every component needed.

What tools and knowledge do I need to assemble the Rover?

All the needed tools are provided with the kit. As to knowledge, no skills are required, but assembling the rover will surely go more smoothly if you know what you're doing. A lot of patience and persistence will be an asset too :)

What is in the box?

In the unboxing video, Szymon shows what you can expect when you finally get the Leo Rover Developer Kit on your workbench and start digging in the boxes.

Can I write my own software to the Rover?

Yes, of course. The Rover is developer-ready. You can learn more on or on Github. The software is open-source and written the way it's easy to navigate. On top of that, our team can provide you with support in case something is not clear.

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📄ROS Development
Detailed guide on ROS development for Leo Rover, covering topics like adding additional functionalities, building ROS packages and more.

Is the Rover autonomous?

By default Leo Rover is remotely controlled with video streaming and UI ready-to-go. It's not autonomous, but it's autonomy-ready. The software is based on Robot Operating System (ROS) which is known for easiness of autonomy and semi-autonomy features implementation. The simplest way is to add a lidar or stereovision camera to enhance the Rover self-navigation and then build your features on top of that. The Rover itself has one front camera and 4 wheel encoders onboard, so it provides video streaming and basic odometry out-of-the-box.

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📄Autonomous Navigation
Learn how to enable autonomous navigation on your Leo Rover using SLAM, ROS packages, and sensors like IMU and LiDAR.

Does Leo Rover send any data back to the manufacturer?

No. And we're extremely cautious not to do that in the future. Everything that happens in the Rover is between you and the software. We don't gather any data and connecting the Rover to the Internet is only for your own convenience.