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Leo Rover wheels

Wheel motors

Bühler Motors

Leo Rover v1.8 (as well as older Turtle Rover) uses Bühler motors as the wheels actuators. Here, you have all the useful resources listed in case you need to access the motors specifications.

Buhler motor of Leo Rover 1.8
🔗 motor specification -
🔗 motor CAD model -

Pololu Romi 12 CPR magnetic encoders


Encoder PINMating Connection
M1negative (-) pole of the motor & OUT A of Core2ROS / LeoCore
M2positive (+) pole of the motor & OUT B of Core2ROS / LeoCore
VCC+5V PIN of Core2ROS / LeoCore
OUT AENC A on Core2ROS / LeoCore
OUT BENC B on Core2ROS / LeoCore
GNDGND PIN of Core2ROS / LeoCore

Dimension drawings

Mind that the encoder magnets are modified to fit Bühler Motors shaft. Internal hole is redrilled to 3 mm (instead of 1.5 mm).

🔗Romi 12 CPR encoder drawings -
🔗Romi 12 CPR encoder CAD model -

Wheel tires

Tire specifications:

  • Inner rim diameter: 2.8" (~71mm)
  • Outer diameter: ~125 mm
  • Width: ~70 mm
  • Typically described as for 1/10 scale Monster Truck RC vehicles
Buhler motor of Leo Rover 1.8

The dimensions may vary +- 10mm with no compatibility issues, remember the tires are made of rubber, they can stretch.

You can always look for different outer diameter tires, but it will change the rover's speed and force (slope/climbing ability). You can as well find different rubber compounds: softer or tougher ones. Keep in mind that softer compounds will affect Leo Rover's turning resistance, but on the other hand, will help it climb obstacles.

Higher outer diameter = higher speed & lower force

Lower outer diameter = lower speed & higher force

It's always a matter of compromise.

Rover Speed [ms]=wheel diameter [m]πmotor speed [RPM]60\text{Rover Speed}~\Big\lbrack\frac{m}{s}\Big\rbrack = \frac{ \text{wheel diameter [m]} * \pi * \text{motor speed [RPM]}}{ 60 } Rover Force [N]=4motor torque [Nm]wheel diameter[m]\text{Rover Force [N]} = \frac{4 * \text{motor torque [Nm]}}{\text{wheel diameter[m]}}

Stock tires of Leo Rover are similar to these: Aliexpress

For example, you can look for tires to switch to here: RCplanet