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Change the access point settings


📄Connect via SSH
Learn how to establish an SSH connection with your Leo Rover and access its terminal using Putty or OpenSSH.

Access the hostapd configuration file

Modify the hostapd.conf configuration file by typing:

sudo nano /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf

The editor interface should appear.

hostapd.conf file

Modify the settings

Change the SSID and password

Modify the ssid and wpa_passphrase fields.

ssid corresponds to the wireless network name (default: LeoRover-XXXX) and wpa_passphrase is the network password (default: password).

Change the AP channel


This may be useful if you notice the network interference in crowded areas or you want to use multiple Leo Rovers at once.

Modify the channel field.

channel corresponds to Leo Rover 2.4 GHz Wifi access point broadcast channel. You can choose from 1 to 11.

Set the country code

Modify the country_code field

Set to indicate country in which the device is operating (regulatory domain). The country codes follow the ISO 3166-1 standard.


This can limit the number of available channels to use.

Save the changes

Type Ctrl+O and Enter to save the modified configuration and Ctrl+X to exit the editor.

Restart the access point

In order to apply the modifications, you need to restart the access point daemon. To do so, just type:

sudo systemctl restart hostapd