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Box of tools used to assemble Leo Rover
In this box you'll find all the tools needed to assemble the Leo Rover Developer Kit.
Opened box with tools used to assemble Leo Rover
Plastic box used to store screw during assembly of Leo Rover
A plastic tray to store screws during the assembly steps.
3D printed tool for extracting microSD card on RaspberryPi, laying on the table
A 3D-printed microSD card extraction tool that becomes handy when you need to disconnect the microSD card from the internal RaspberryPi port.
Closeup of microSD card extraction tool

The tool files for 3D-printing are available as here as well.

Set of imbus and torx screwdrivers laying on the table
A set of screwdrivers (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, T40 torx)
Li-ion charger laying on the table with its box on the side
A 12.6V DC battery charger with EU wall plug (+ EU-US plug adapter)
Loctite, vaseline and lithium grease laying on the table
A bottle of Loctite 243 to secure threaded connections, a bottle of vaseline for easier cable threading, a tube of lithium grease for the wheels assembly
Set of wrenches and Phillips screwdriver laying on the table
A set of flat wrenches (7mm, 8mm, 10mm) and a cross-headed Philips screwdriver
Additional screws and nuts laying on the table
3 sets of nuts and bolts to mount additional equipment on the top platform of the Rover
USB A to miniUSB cable laying on the table
A mini-USB to USB-A adapter to access the top mini-USB socket with standard USB-A devices