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Visualization of Powerbox addon for Leo Rover


The PowerBox module is the most recommended upgrade for the Leo Rover, replacing the right quarter to deliver four 12V DC power sockets, four 5V DC power sockets via a 12V-5V 9A converter, and an externally accessible battery socket. This module supports additional LiDARs, computers, and robotic arms, enables battery charging during operation, and allows for tethered power and seamless battery hot-swaps, ensuring continuous operation of the rover.

What's included

  • 1 x Powerbox
  • 8 x Phoenix Contact MSTB 2,5/ 2-ST-5,08
  • 3 x ISO 7380-2 M5x10 screws

Referenced product

00188 MEB cover for Leo Rover
The Powerbox module significantly enhances Leo Rover's capabilities by providing versatile power options and enabling continuous operation through battery hot-swaps and external power access.

Main parameters

Dimensions (LxWxH)164 mm x 71 mm x 87 mm
Main materialsPLA, aluminum
Mounting screws3 x M5 x 10 ISO 7380-2
BAT (12V) outputs4
BAT output max power144 W (12 A) each
5V outputs4
5V outputs max power60 W (9 A) total
External battery connectors1

Hardware specification


Dimensions of Powerbox addon for Leo Rover
Dimensions of Powerbox addon for Leo Rover

CAD model

3D CAD model in neutral format is also available on our Google Drive:

🔗Powerbox - Google Drive


12V-5V step-down voltage regulator1Pololu D24V90F5 synchronous switching step-down regulator. Takes an input voltage of up to 38 V and efficiently reduces it to 5 V with an available output current of around 9
5V connector4Phoenix Contact MSTB 2,5/ 2-ST-5,
BAT (12V) connector4Phoenix Contact MSTB 2,5/ 2-ST-5,
External battery connector1Weipu
Powerbox-MEB connector1Weipu
Powerbox-battery connector1Weipu

Possible applications

With Powerbox you are able to:

  • connect additional LiDARs, computers (such as Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier NX, etc.), robotic arms (PhantomX Pincher, WidowX, etc.),
  • charge the Rover battery during its operation,
  • power the Rover via tether,
  • perform battery hot-swap - where you keep the Rover operational using the standard battery charger during the battery swap.