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Sandwich mounting plate

Visualization of Powerbox addon for Leo Rover


The elevated mounting plate enhances the functionality of the Leo Rover by providing an additional mounting surface for LiDARs, cameras, and other equipment. This accessory includes a mounting plate with 7 mm diameter thru holes, eight M5 threaded distances of 40 mm, and four M5x10 mounting screws, allowing for a 40 or 80 mm elevation above the original mounting plate. The straightforward assembly leverages the existing threaded inserts of the mounting plate.

What's included

  • 1 x Mounting plate
  • 8 x M5 male-female threaded distance, 40 mm in length
  • 4 x ISO 7380-2 M5x10 screws

Referenced product

00188 MEB cover for Leo Rover
Sandwich mounting plate
Enhance Leo Rover's capabilities with an elevated mounting plate, providing additional space for equipment like LiDARs and cameras. Easy to assemble, offering 40 or 80 mm elevation options.

Main parameters

Dimensions (LxWxH)151 mm x 183 mm x 85 mm
Main materialsAluminum
Mounting screws4 x M5 x 10 ISO 7380-2
Possible plate elevation40 mm, 80 mm
Hole grid18 mm x 15 mm
Mounting holes diameter7 mm

Holes in mounting plates are designed for KFS2-M5 press-in nuts (example), but it is also possible to use standard M5/M6 nuts and screws.

Hardware specification


Dimensions of Sandwich plate addon for Leo Rover
Dimensions of Sandwich plate addon for Leo Rover

CAD model

3D CAD model in neutral format is also available on our Google Drive:

🔗Sandwich plate - Google Drive