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Mecanum wheels

Visualization of mecanum wheel for Leo Rover

Mecanum wheels are a type of omnidirectional wheel design that allows a robotic platform, like the Leo Rover, to move in any direction instantly without changing its orientation. This is achieved through a series of rollers angled at 45 degrees to the axis of rotation, enabling lateral and diagonal movement, as well as rotation on the spot, providing unparalleled maneuverability.

Referenced products

00188 MEB cover for Leo Rover
Omnidirectional wheels set
A complete set of omnidirectional wheels (4 pieces) specifically designed for the Leo Rover. These wheels are intended for use in indoor environments with flat ground, where increased mobility or greater payload capacity for the Rover is required.

Main parameters


CAD model

3D CAD model in neutral format is also available on our Google Drive:

🔗Omnidirectional wheels set - Google Drive

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