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Steering Leo Rover with a joystick

In this example, we will create a simple package that will let you control Leo Rover using a joystick connected to your computer.


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We will use two nodes that are available in the ROS distribution:

  • joy_node (from joy package) - for getting input from the joystick and publishing it on a topic.
  • teleop_node (from teleop_twist_joy package) - for getting messages from the joystick topic and publishing corresponding steering commands to the Rover.

We assume that you have already created a workspace like in the previous example.

Start by creating an empty package with the specified dependencies:

cd ~/ros_ws/src
catkin create pkg leo_joy_example --catkin-deps joy teleop_twist_joy

You might need to install dependent packages first:

cd ~/ros_ws
rosdep update
rosdep install --from-paths src -i

Now, add launch/ and config/ directories inside your package:

cd ~/ros_ws/src/leo_joy_example
mkdir launch config

Inside launch/ directory, add the joy.launch file with the following content:

<arg name="cmd_vel_topic" default="cmd_vel"/>

<node name="joy_node" pkg="joy" type="joy_node">
<param name="dev" value="/dev/input/js0"/>
<param name="coalesce_interval" value="0.02"/>
<param name="autorepeat_rate" value="30.0"/>

<node name="teleop_node" pkg="teleop_twist_joy" type="teleop_node">
<rosparam command="load" file="$(find leo_joy_example)/config/joy_mapping.yaml"/>
<remap from="cmd_vel" to="$(arg cmd_vel_topic)"/>

Inside config/ directory, add the joy_mapping.yaml file:

axis_linear: 1
scale_linear: 0.4
axis_angular: 3
scale_angular: 2.0
enable_button: 5

Now, build the package:

cd ~/ros_ws
catkin build
source devel/setup.bash

Before you start your launch file, you might need to remap axes and buttons to suit the joystick you have. Start joy_node by typing:

rosrun joy joy_node

And on another terminal, run:

rostopic echo /joy

Move the axes you want to use for the linear and angular movements of Leo Rover and check which values are being changed on axes[] array (remember that the values are indexed from 0).

Choose the button that will be used to enable the command publishing. Check which value is being changed on the buttons[] array when you click the button.

Now, change the axis_linear, axis_angular, enable_button parameters in joy_mapping.yaml file.

Close the joy_node and start your the joy.launch file:

roslaunch leo_joy_example joy.launch

You should now be able to steer Leo Rover by holding down the enable button and moving the joy axes you set.